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Ristorante San Marco


The San Marco Restaurant in Venice is sure to tempt and satisfy all your senses. Guests are also welcome to indulge their senses with fresh works from our featured Artist.

Tom Parish.

Originally from Hibbing, Minnesota is an American Painter who has worked from Venice as his primary resource and inspiration since 1986. His home studio is in Detroit, Michigan.

This exhibition is a new celebration of my 26 years traveling to and working from Venice. It is for me the most personal place I know, a joy, a minute to minute revelation of beauty, and a reason for creating art.

When I was a small child my grandfather revealed to me a stream of water on our farm in northern Minnesota as a wonder and mystery – reminding me of the canals of Venice discovered in 1986 – which inspired me to create many paintings of an imaginary island I called Zarna.

Water, ancient civilizations, and years living in the Great Lakes region of the United States, my paintings brought me to those silent songs of Venice.

This is a unique opportunity to see the paintings of Tom Parrish.

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